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17 Červen 2022

Kawasaki rider wins Endergebnis Mitas Rocket Ride 2022

Austrian rider, Seppi Fally, has won the spectacular opening competition on the intimidating steep annual slope racetrack based around a daunting quarry complex.

annual slope racetrack based around a daunting quarry complex.

234 participants from 20 nations and 3 continents started the first day of the MITAS Rocket Ride steep slope race at the foot of the Erzberg. The rugged course consisted of 4 steep slopes and offered the usual spectacular full-throttle action for the thousands of early visitors, who anticipated a full weekend of incredible riding.

After qualifying, the fastest 48 riders went into the superfinal in the evening, led by the two most successful MITAS Rocket Ride participants: Ossi Reisinger (AUT, 5-time winner) and Kawasaki KX mounted Seppi Fally (AUT, 2-time winner). Despite strong competition, both Austrians made it through all the races to the final, in which the Spaniard Pol Tarres also competed with his Yamaha Tenere 700.

In the end, Seppi Fally put in a flawless, dominant final run in the new Rocket Ride course and won his third rock cup.

1. Seppi FALLY (AUT)
2. Sonny GOGGIA (ITA)